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Btea Traditional Heritage

Weight: 75g
PRICE: 605,000 đ
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Shan tuyet Suoi Giang – Yen Bai is belong to Btea - Traditional Heritage which is collected from 04 famous green tea regions of Vietnam.  
Tea buds selected are the buds of type “one bud and one young leaf”, which are quite rare, harvested at dawn, when the sun rises recently, spreads the first light sunshine. It is the moment when tea buds reach the best quality. In particular, the tea is harvested in the autumn so its color and flavor is characteristic and unique.
Color: Color of the shrimp peeled blends together color of young tea leaves of the autumn, creating beautiful and pure green water color.
Perfume: Deep and natural scent, as the flavor of autumn green rice flakes.
Taste: Also the rich taste of green shrimp blended with light acrid taste of young tea leaves, Btea Traditional Heritage brings a characteristic: slight acrid taste mixed the rich, fatty and sweet taste.

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The design of the product Btea - traditional heritage is the image of Ngoc Lu Drum - an image representing the culture of the ancient Vietnamese. With the well-proportioned and harmony shape, diverse designs, Ngoc Lu drum has become one of the unique cultural icons of Vietnam. Btea - Traditional heritage Tea Btea puts the drum on packaging design as an expression of national pride and the desire to maintain and promote the traditional values. 

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