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Btea Special Heritage

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PRICE: 979,000 đ
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Shan tuyet Suoi Giang – Yen Bai is one of the famous tea growing areas in Viet Nam. Young tea buds, permeated by morning dew, are harvested with care by skillful natives.  Btea is not only good for health but also still remains the pure taste of tea. 

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Shan tuyet Suoi Giang – Yen Bai tea is belong to Btea – Special Heritage, including 04 famous clean teas of the North: The green tea in Tan Cuong – Thai Nguyen, The Shantuyet tea in Tay Con Linh - Ha Giang, The Shantuyet tea in Ta Xua - Son La, The Shantuyet tea in Suoi Giang - Yen Bai.
Btea - Special Heritage is harvested bud – the most special and most delicious of tea tree. Because of this, this is a very rare tea, the output of each harvest is only 4 or 5 kg. When the young leaves are green and keep morning dew, absorb all the essence of heaven and earth, it’s the time when the tea reaches the best color, scent and taste. Each tea bud is harvested carefully, thoroughly and cherished as the precious thing awarded by the nature.
Color: Btea - Special Heritage has pure green water, without tea dregs and special yellow. The green of the fresh tea bud blends together the yellow of light sunbeams of early pure morning in the “autumn”.
Perfume: Tea has natural perfume with strong odor of highland flowers, with the flavor of green rice flake in midland. This special fresh scent stay only in the fresh green tea buds of autumn.
Taste: Due to making from fresh tea buds, when enjoying Btea – Special Heritage we realize the rich, light sweet and seductive taste. “The rich taste” of this tea brings unique taste for consumers.
The product Btea – Special Heritage is designed finely with stylized image of a traditional pattern, outstanding color expressing the characteristics of each region. Traditions are combined harmoniously with modern features to create a premium gift that anyone should cherish, treasure. It is precious by the quality of tea and also by the packaging with image characterized by the national features. This product deserves a “special heritage” of the country and people of Vietnam.


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