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08/08/2015 05:46

BTea is the premium tea brand with clean, high quality and competitive tea products in the domestic and world markets. 

BTea is proud of being the company where provides the products with clear origins from the tea production areas which are selected and inspected for quality in accordance with the highest standards. Furthermore, BTea products also gather sufficiently the cultural beauty, the fine tea enjoying tradition of Vietnamese people.

Materials for BTea tea products are harvested from 04 famous tea production areas in Vietnam:
- Shan Tuyet Ta Xua Tea Area, Son La
- Shan Tuyet Tay Con Linh Tea Area, Ha Giang
- Shan Tuyet Suoi Giang Tea Area, Yen Bai
- Tan Cuong Tea Area, Thai Nguyen.

BTea tea products are free from the residues of pesticides and preservatives harmful to the health of the users. Especially, Shan Tuyet Tea products of BTea are processed from the high quality tea buds haversted from wild ancient tea trees with the age of from 100 to 300 years old by Mong, Dao people. Using BTea tea products, the users will feel fully the essence endowed by the Nature in every tea buds.

BTea Brand consists of 02 main product lines:
1. Green Tea includes the following products:
- Shan Tuyet Ta Xua Tea, Son La
- Shan Tuyet Tay Con Linh Tea, Ha Giang
- Shan Tuyet Suoi Giang Tea, Yen Bai
- Tan Cuong Tea, Thai Nguyen
- Lotus Tea
- Jasmine Tea

2. Herbal Tea includes the following products:
- Lotus Leave Tea
- Chanca Piedra Tea
- Crinum Latifolium Tea
- Chamomile Tea
- Notoginseng Tea
- Jiaogulam Tea

The competitiveness of BTea products is the reasonable price and the best benefits to the users. Shan Tuyet tea buds mixed with the dew of mountainous region will bring you unforgettable experiences once enjoying the tea.

In addition, the The package of BTea Tea is designed carefully, meticulously with luxurious and elegant color which is suitable for being meaningful gifts to the relatives, friends and partners of individuals or companies.

Not only paying due attention on the quality of the products introduced to the market, Binh Hung Investment Joint Stock Company – the owner of BTea Brand always cares for the highest economic benefits of the tea planters.

BTea products are certified by Food Safety Department of Ministry of Health as clean, safety and quality products to the users.
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